Setting: A theater house where both the actual stage and the backstage are visible to the audience. 1994-present.

Genre: Horatian Satire


Characters are still in progress. They are nobodies; they can be a ghastly historical character, a futuristic depiction of Filipinos, a character of another character who is trying to build his character, or just a simple student full of unconventional thoughts and various perspectives on a focal point. The members of RPRTRY are diverse and unique in their own way, though they can each be classified into factions where similar traits may arise. These are:

Mmbrcd_Frolic: Vivacious, exuberant and dynamic movers. Gifted with the talent of supplying every tip of their body with grace, they always bedazzle the crowd with their elegant movements while also sometimes horrifying the audience with their weird interpretation of a song.

Mmbrcd_Siren: Cherubs and angels blessed with the power of piercing hearts through their voices. Their voices, if on stage, are a symphony in the ears, and if not, are a rhapsody.

Mmbrcd_Phantom: The monsters or saints of the stage, capable of delivering a maelstrom of distinct emotions and of living eccentric life forms in the world. They don’t act it but they live it. They become another character who sometimes walks through the halls in a normal setup, leaving a riddle for all who see them to ponder on.

Mmbrcd_NE1: The blank canvases of the group. Full of enthusiasm and undiscovered talents. Their potentials and talents are yet to be determined and refined through training.


For more than two decades, RPRTY has been sheltering people of budding talents and unique personalities. The organization has provided a home for all who are passionate enough to pursue the dream of not becoming somebody, but rather becoming instruments in a concerto that is sure to bring people into ecstasy or torment over truth in life.

The story starts as the fire of passion for arts ignites in their hearts, a similarity that each of them, regardless of their individual distinct traits, possesses.

As they all go through a series of tests and activities that guarantee refinement of their talents and of course, personalities, certain challenges arise whether it be on-stage or backstage. Times where the bottle of creativity suddenly creates its own stopper and ceases to supply infinite ideas. Moments where members lose their flame and need to be rekindled. Misunderstandings, not just between the factions, members, or non-members but also of individuals assuming different ideals. Productions, where all members of any faction must combine minds in putting up a show that is not meant to just entertain, but leave a statement as well.

In spite of these challenges and a lot more, these agents of arts never stop pushing each other to their limits and move forward hand-in-hand not to get away from the wall but to break it. No matter how many boxes try to enclose the RPRTRY members, they will always find a way—an unconventional one at that, of squeezing out of those boxes. For the flames that started it all emanate a powerful force that draws them all together—family.


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