by Jerielle N. Acop and Christopher Nash A. Jasmin



Do you feel dizzy after a lecture on statistics?

Do your brain cells explode after geometry class?

Do your palms run cold and sweaty whenever your algebra teacher calls you to answer exercises on the board?

Or worse, have you ever felt like you were drifting in space without anything to hold on to after a dose of a calculus exam?

Have you ever thought of giving up on Math because you felt so hopeless?

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. A lot of people also struggle with M-A-T-H, including us Math majors (ironic isn’t it?). We math majors also feel the anxiety that envelopes you whenever there are numbers and letters to be solved.

Much like you, we know how it is to be lost like a puppy in the middle of a deserted place. We also get those feelings of heartbreak, shattered life and swallowed ego whenever we see our grades, probably even twice as much as you do.

But we’ve learned a handful of valuable lessons along those moments. Want to know what one of these lessons are? Read on, then!

According to the Math Club (read: cool), the first thing you can do is seek help. One source that you could count on for help is… the Math Club (you would have never guessed that… ha-ha).

You might be thinking that the Math Club is a society of geeks with weird glasses and perspectives on life unsympathetic towards your feelings on our subject… this is definitely a perception that we would like to clarify (actually, we’re all quite handsome and beautiful according to our moms). As we have told you earlier, we feel what you feel, and that is why we would like to extend our help to everyone as much as we could.

The Math Club is an organization that supports mutual learning of the math subjects we all love (or maybe not, but who cares?). We do not always have the upper hand on these subjects, believe it or not. We might even have more struggles than you in analyzing, solving and interpreting mathematical problems. Thus we seek help from our teachers, acquaintances, and more often than not, our fellow classmates and schoolmates.

The “Go Another M.I.L.E. (Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement) Tutorials” are exactly made for this reason. Through the “Go Tutorials”, we provide an avenue for students who are having difficulties in their math subjects to meet and learn from other students who had usurped the same mathematical difficulties.

Besides these aforementioned tutorials, our organization also conducts seminars to enhance student’s knowledge in manipulating mathematical tools and materials. This will be surely helpful for those who want to learn something outside of the usual classroom math topics.

All of our activities aim to hone the talents and skills of students, and also to bring out the best in each of them.

(Better watch out for announcements of these activities then!)


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