EDITOR’S NOTE: Revisions have been made to this article in accordance with our readers’ comments and suggestions. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lack of pertinent information included and hope that we can work together with you to make STELLARIS a better publication for all students of STELA.

This past week has indeed been one of jubilance and passion. It has been one of acclamation of the Arts along with the talents of students–from actors, scriptwriters, and singers to dancers, stagehands, and props men.

Various schools of SLU, from the School of Engineering and Architecture to the School of Accountancy and Business Management, participated and showcased their talents across music, dance, and drama. Our very own School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts also worked hard to excel and become the pride of its students, bagging several awards and inspiring audience members to realize the importance of the Arts.

The Music Festival inaugurated SLU’s “Arts Festival” last March 13 at the Center for Culture and the Arts. Various musical highlights from the event include a choral performance of Freddie Aguilar’s “Anak” by the School of Engineering and Architecture, unique mash-ups of various pop songs by the contestants for the “Pop Acapella” competition, and a stellar performance of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” by STELA’s own all-female trio.

Two of STELA’s own young rising stars, Christina Carbonell and George Jasper Caddi, also soared to amazing heights as they became champions of the “Vocal Duet” category.

In addition, the STELA All Male Choir won the second runner-up award for the “Best All Male Choir” category. Meanwhile, on the women’s side of things, the STELA All Female Trio managed to win first runner-up in the “Best All Female Trio” category.



The second part of the Arts Festival, the Dance Festival, was held last March 14 at the Prince Bernhard Gym. Masses of student audiences and performers gathered to go beyond their limits and aim for the best through stunning and energetic dance performances of all kinds–from traditional and national to modern pop.

Faculty members from various schools joined in on the fun, including STELA’s very own Sabado Padtoc and Mary Glo Dulay. Their efforts won the second runner-up award in the “Dance Sport Faculty” competition. The faculty team for the “Pop Dance” competition was also awarded second runner-up.

The faculty and student “Pop Dance” teams meanwhile rose to new heights as  they became champions for the “Pop Dance Faculty” and “Pop Dance Student” competitions for the third consecutive time and first time respectively.

On the students’ side of things, Mailyn Casanova and Vel Christian Castillo won the first runner-up award in the “Dance Sport Student” competition while Mary Joan Habon and Keven John Allit became the champions of the same category. The student teams for the “Contemporary Dance”  and “Ballroom Formation” competitions also managed to win second place.


Finally, the Drama Festival culminated this week long event last March 16 at the same place where the Music Festival began it all.

Andrew Corpuz was bestowed with the “Best Comedian” title for his gut-busting stand-up comedy routine.

STELA’s “Tula Dula” team also managed to shine brightly, as they became the champion of the “Best Performance” category. They also won first runner-up in the “Best Story” and the “Best Costume and Make-Up” categories. The faculty coordinator behind it all was Ma’am Mary Rose Ordonio.

This year’s plays were filled to the brim with striking and thought-provoking dramatizations of our country’s Martial Law years, urging the audience to reflect on and think of our present society’s rising worship of lawful integrity sought through violent means.

STELA’s own one-act play proved to be the cream of the crop as it rose to be the champion of the “Best One Act Play” competition. Riveting performances by Gerry Binando, Moises Bautista, Shaira Olosan, Krissha Panggabao, and Mary Rose Dalmen captivated audiences and indeed proved worthy of the champion title for the “Best Male” and “Best Female Performance” competitions. Behind the curtain, Paul Enrico Centro–the director who started it all–became the champion of the “Best Director” competition through his tireless efforts and an avant-garde, emotional script.


Through our school’s passion and dedication, we hope that the next generation of performers can become inspired to unlock their potential and light a path for even better performances–whether it be music, dance, or drama.

More pictures of the three events can be found on our Facebook page, along with other announcements, and updates.

Shine on, stars of STELA!


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