An Open Letter to the Person Who Never Gave Up


To the person who never gave up…

You brave child, how are you now? We know that things have become very different and that we may have already been left behind, what with all these sudden changes around us. We know you have been working so hard, continuously working on projects and endless activities for your grade. Now, your future is right in front of your face.

We knew you from the time you were a small baby nestled in the arms of your mother, looked upon by your father in awe. Though we did no more than look at you, we already wondered what your dream would be. Every time we look at you, it gives us hope because of how you effortlessly brought love and happiness to a house once filled with continuous discussions about finances.

We knew that someday, you’d leave to chase your own dreams and face hardships in life, filled with all kinds of emotion and feelings. Your bravery and wits carried you to where you are now, standing in front of thousands giving your batch’s commencement speech. We could have never imagined you and where you are now because you were just a shy kid then…now grown into someone treading in the realm of infinite possibilities.

All we could say is congratulations, young one! You’ve done it. Your dream is right there. From the bleachers of the gymnasium, we saw you realizing your dream while tears were streaming down our faces, not out of sadness but because of pure happiness. We know you went through a lot of trouble just to study at your dream university (after pleading us to let you go, of course).

There is no amount in the world that would match how precious this moment is to us. If we could just bottle up our feelings of jubilation, we would do it. You were our hope and our inspiration to work harder and better so we could support your dreams and aspirations. This may already seem way too much but you did it.

May luck be always by your side, young one.

Yours truly,

Grandma and Grandpa

(c) Jonas Angelo Catubay, Feature Editor of STELLARIS

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