STELA’s Kasama-SSC and its STELA Alliance, along with the Psychology Department and its Psyche Society, sponsored a thanksgiving mass at the Aloysius Gonzaga Parish Chapel last March 27, Monday. This mass aimed to inaugurate the upcoming event on April—a month-long celebration of the STELA student body’s artistic, sporty, and innovative talents: The STELA Arts Fest. This mass was presided over by Rev. Fr. Macwayne N. Maniwag, who spoke about the power of believing in oneself and exerting effort to achieve one’s dreams.

One of the main highlights of the mass was a reading of the Gospel of John and Jesus’ 2 miracles: the turning of water into wine, and the healing of the government official’s dying son.

Rev. Fr. Macwayne spoke to the students about the need to persevere and strive for success even in times of trial and difficulty. He spoke about how effort and hard work can rise from the belief in one’s capabilities and the dangers of trapping yourself in doubt. He encouraged them to exert effort in attaining their goals, to own and be dedicated to their aspirations, and believe in what they can do. According to the Reverend Father, “We only need to believe that there is someone who can help guide us through our journey”.

The importance of believing in one’s family was also discussed in the Reverend Father’s homily. He emphasized the need for everyone to do their part: whether they be a daughter, son, father, or mother.

Through the mass and its inspiring words, STELA’s students can hopefully become motivated and energized to strive to work hard for their goals


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