Somebody That I Used to Know


For note: Love they say is the sweetest word on earth but it can also be the deadliest if you don’t know how to handle it.

Would you forgive the person who hurt you?

Would you even listen to the explanation? Or would you just ignore it and leave it behind?

Sweet moments lasted and lose the person who became a part of me. We started arguing and misunderstanding continued until I decided to end it for good. But even if it is difficult, I still need to accept it because nothing is permanent here on earth. We need to let go, accept that someone is not meant for us and hoping that time will soon heal that scar in my heart.

Yes I do understand that we all face love problems, we cry just to bring out the pain and we’ll be okay. I can still feel the hurt. But for all of these, I still wanted to thank you for giving meaning in my life.

Once again, it proved how powerful love that even if you get hurt, you still love. And anyway this is love, it can be happy perfectly made, and can make us cry or suffer but I’m glad that I learned to give love to myself and not to give it all. Besides, there will always be many reasons to live and smile.

(c) Merille Londob, Feature Writer of STELLARIS


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