Things sometimes is so unfair what we want most is what we could have the least. What we wish for is the only thing that can hold. The more we expect, the more frustrating it will be. The more we care, the more rejection we will receive.

There are things in life that whatever we do, we can never hold. It’s something that you’ve tried your best to have but situation will dictate you to let it go. You find it in the right time but in the wrong place; in the right place but in the wrong time; in the right place or time but in the wrong person. In physics, Y is directly proportional to X but inversely proportional to Y, as Y increases X decreases. As we enjoy the rain it suddenly stops.

I think no one will disagree if I would say that feelings are one of the things I can never hold. It is not permanent. Maybe you love that person today but you’ll hate him tomorrow. We can never know until it happens.

Your love too I can never hold. Even though you love me so much, you would still wonder to be with another girl.

Another one is temper. Yes! We say sometimes that we can control our temper but when we are in the situation, we lose it.

Emotions too, I can never hold. Even though how hard you try to say that you don’t want that person, there are still instances that you will fall for that person. That whatever we do in order not to cry, we cry. Whatever we do to avoid pain, the more it seems to happen.

I can never also hold time, for time is running. It is set with sixty precious seconds. No reward offered. Lost! One golden hour, it’s gone forever. You can’t stop, pause, rewind nor skip happenings because the time that passed can never return.

Lastly is trust, because it will never comeback after disappointment. As one of the rappers said, “Trust can be described as a melted chocolate. No matter how hard you try to freeze it, it will never return to its original shape.”

We must accept the fact that there are things we can never hold. Everything in life is temporary. So if things are doing well, enjoy it. If things are doing badly, don’t worry it won’t last forever. Always remember that beyond all these things, we still end up learning.

(c) Merille Londob, Feature Writer for STELLARIS


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