The City Skyline


From the moment I wake up in the morning to the time I sleep at night you are always running laps on my mind. To the moments when I see you running through the halls, or the times when you are just sitting on the sidelines trying to learn terms you can’t understand.

To just see your face light up with glee, or from the times you look like the world fell onto your shoulders. Even if you down yourself, that mere comment you always say that you’re not worth every last bit of effort, or through every mind bending pain trying to find a gift for you. I cherished every minute of it.

I want to be alongside you, through thick and thin, through the unrelenting storm that is our schedules, or through hell fire and brimstone. I want to be there when it counts, to be always you crutch even if you continuously say that you are just fine.

Oh how I want to tell these things to you, to give you my heart, to risk it all once again because even if you always tell me to put my efforts to another person, I can’t because that another person is not you. If we are lucky enough she might just answer with the best word in the English dictionary: Yes.

I’m just a hopeless romantic who fell for the shy girl on the corner. I’ll always be confident with that because I know I can tell myself that I fell for someone who means the world to me. Even if you get mad at me with all the crazy things I do, the miles of effort I go just to get something, or if you want to beat me to death while your face looks as red as a tomato.

To the moon and back, to infinity and beyond, or whatever will make you feel at ease. I’m always here; I’ll always be here no matter what. I promised to never leave and by god I’ll carry that to my grave. Whatever it may be you can always count on me. So from now on until we’re already wrinkly and old I want to spend my moments with you.

All I ever wanted is to tell you how I felt, how you made my world turn upside down, and how you made it the best place I could have ever seen. My promises, my confessions, and my own mistakes for so long I’ve wanted to tell them to you. Now surrounded by full bloom irises and the sun gently beaming down all I want is to hug and to tell you I love you.


(c) Jonas Angelo Catubay, Feature Editor of STELLARIS


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