IMG_1720IMG_1704Last March 31 at 2 PM, The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts participated in the collaboration of the Office of Civil Defense and NDRRMC’s nationwide earthquake drill, in order to raise awareness and readiness of students to actual earthquake situations.
The bell served as the signal for the beginning of the drill. The students and faculty members were then required to move out of the classrooms quickly while doing the “duck, cover and hold” maneuver as the NSTP students and other personnel guided and assisted them towards the designated exit areas.

STELA’s governor, Mr. Noel Fermin, stated that the recorded time for this year’s earthquake drill was shorter compared to the previous year’s record. “Last year, we consumed 5 minutes. This time, 2 minutes tayo.” The STELA governor said that he was pleased by the improvement. “This time, may cooperation.”He appreciated the responsiveness and cooperation of all STELA students, faculty members, and other¬†personnel that took part in the said drill.

The route for the drill started at the main gate and driveway area, then towards Bonifacio Street. The police and barangay tanods accompanied everyone to ensure safety management on the streets.

Remember to take caution and remain calm during calamities such as earthquakes. Follow proper protocol and training and only take note of information from reliable and official sources as according to PHILVOLCS, earthquakes cannot be predicted.


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