A Calculated Approach for a Greener Future


An amalgamation of ideas, vision and goals for a better future, the goal to make the future a better place, to make a change and to influence others that is the goal of Math Club.

In an interview with STELLARIS, the Math club shared their opinions and gave way for their ideas and vision to be heard by others.

When the org president was asked the question: What is the goal of the org in joining the pageant.

He answered that it became something that they looked forward to. It would be a nice exposure, for personal improvement, our org exposure for Math club to be known and be interested in what they do.

When asked the question: From your own perspective who will the pageant shape the perspective of our fellow students?

The designer said that the candidates, because they are the ones that would be seen first by everyone. Ms. Castaneda said that it is their duty to Influence other people and the members of the club. In addition Mr. Orillios said that they as candidate should be role models for change. Lastly the org president answered that org member and most especially the people who will watch because they will become aware of the issues and the purpose of the pageant

When the org president was asked the question about what was the advocacy of the organization for the pageant he answered that it would be best answered by Ms. Castaneda as the candidate for Ms. STELA Earth and she said that it will revolve in the core values specially competency and challenge every student of STELA in competition. It will be cleanliness and involving environmental issues. And why not let STELA earth be a way to be aware of cleanliness.

When the candidates was asked the question of what pushed them to be part of STELA Earth Ms. Castaneda answered that it will be a good experience for her and according to her and it would be a good exposure and I could influence many people. While Mr. Orillios answered that it would be a good opportunity and exposure as well, because it enhances my self-esteem.

When the candidates were asked how they felt that they will represent their org in the pageant they answered that they felt pressured since people expect already from you, and very nerve racking and very much excited.

When they were asked as a club what was their strategy they all answered unanimously with teamwork.

When asked the question about the idea on the design the designer said that it should be easy to do, and simple. Because why would you need an expensive and extravagant costume if you will just use it once and influence to practice practicality.

When asked how they see their personal vision come to life they said that they should keep on striving on what we do, during the event I would give much unending support. Teamwork of every member of the club is needed for it to go smoothly. In addition it’s more about new experience more lessons learned during event. Lastly Cooperation, because one job cannot be done my one person, because pressure is evident since they are the ones to build the artistic designs and confidence because this will bring you towards the end with heads up high and all the efforts to be put is 100%.

Lastly when they were asked how they see STELA after the event they said that there would be something new. Because for them this activity’s purpose or advocacy is to challenge every school to be a part of competition like Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth has done. They would really be aware of the environmental issues and represents the advocacy of the candidates.  For STELA to be environmentally literate, because we usually see trash, after the pageant there must be do a follow-up.

With a final message from the organization, is to support but not only to cheer but also to be a part of the change in our environment.

With their head held high and the fire of the competition burning in their hearts, this is what Math Club is all about. Again for the Math Club and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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