A Voice for a Better and Greener Tomorrow


Full of hope and joy with their eyes on the prize is the Prime Movers Society. Driven with determination to prove that they too can stand toe to toe with others alongside them is their never ending hope.

In an interview with STELLARIS the org president, candidates, and designers shared theirs ideas, vision and goals for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

When the org president was asked what made them decide to join the pageant he said that being social work students they are in the front lines with every issue and their main goal is to preserve Mother Nature for the next generation

When also asked what is his advocacy for the pageant he said that we are very particular about climate change and that they promote to preserve mother nature for the resources for the next generation.

When the designer was asked the question what was the idea behind the design and she said that the idea behind the design was to make something innovative from something that’s already used. They want the design to be Avant garde but also something casual.

The candidates was asked the question how do they feel now that they are part of the pageant they said that they were nervous and overwhelming because they haven’t been in a pageant before but still they are optimists and looking forward to the pageant with confidence.

When all of them were asked about their vision about the theme and how will they implement it they unanimously said that they want to inspire the next batch for them to be motivated to preserve the environment with cooperation and they also mentioned that change should start from us.

Lastly they were all asked how they will see STELA after the pageant and they said that they see the students widening their own perspective with the knowledge of the essence of our environment. Unity and awareness is the key for them to be an eye opener for each and every one.

Competitive or not they don’t look to it as an competition but as an opportunity to show to the entire SLU that the Social Work Department has a say with the issue, a mix of competition and an event for us to gain knowledge.

Through everything they still keep their heads up and an open mind. Challenges may knock on their door but they’ll still fight for a brighter and cleaner tomorrow. For the Prime Movers Society and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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