What does it mean to be a student leader? Governor Noel Fermin and Vice Governor Rozza Assunta share their thoughts in an interview with STELLARIS.


Could you tell us a little more about what responsibilities you have undertaken as members of KASAMA-SSC?

Vice Gov. Assunta: Basically, as a Vice-Governor, it is my responsibility to assume the duties of the governor in his absence—taking charge of the meetings, and other important matters. I’m also in charge of the STELA Alliance and other duties of the student council—such as processing papers and canvassing, for example. I mainly help provide full support for the KASAMA-SSC and help put things in order.

Gov. Fermin: As a Governor, my role is to discuss matters with the higher offices—the dean, the administration, the EXECOM, and support them in the activities they need to do. I also help take charge of the STELA Alliance. It’s been a big responsibility to be governor since I had to assume the role of the previous governor who resigned. However, I can say that I’ve been able to be a kuya to the students—I listen to their queries for advice and assist them in the best way I can, and I help resolve any problems that they may be having.

It is also my responsibility to supervise my officers—how well they’ve been performing both in terms of student government and academics. If in case of problems concerning the latter, at the very least we can find ways to balance their workload in the office and in the classroom so they may be able to do well in their studies.

How about your specific plans for this semester?

Gov. Fermin: For this semester, we planned fourteen projects. Our first project was the continuation of the STELA Alliance along with the Kapihan sa STELA—meant to cater to the comments, queries, and concerns of our students.

We also implemented a leadership seminar for all our student leaders and advisors last Feb. 4. Then we had our Vox Sapienta last Feb. 10, the first Gawad for STELA. And then after that, we were able to add a printer to our office—well, what happened was that it was agreed upon by the STELA Alliance so it could help alleviate their concerns regarding paperwork. It’s free for everyone. After all, we’re all students, right? Why should we make our schoolmates pay if they can do it for free right here in school?

On April 19 to 22, we will be having our STELA Arts Festival: it will cater to students’ artistic talents and knowledge through activities such as quiz bees and other contests. We are also working hard to make sure our STELA Night project comes to fruition. Then for the last project, we will be having our Vox Sapienta 2—wherein we will be celebrating this semester’s Dean’s Listers along with scholars, as well as varsity players who participated in the second phase of the Intrams. We are also trying to support our Gawad coordinator for the smooth assistance of applicants for Gawad San Luis. We also assigned one of our officers, 3rd Year Mayor Joey Lartec, to address concerns regarding classroom facilities—such as the lack of doorknobs.

I guess the best thing we can say to everyone in regards to our projects is that in every suggestion, query, or comment for the Kasama-SSC, we hope that you will be able to explain how we can further improve the performance of the Kasama-SSC STELA Assembly.

Vice Gov. Assunta: Another project of ours is STELA Green. It’s the inclusion of hand sanitizers and other toiletries to our school restrooms, since we learned from the Kapihan that one of the main concerns of our students is the need for more comfortable restrooms. This upcoming April 21, in partnership with Gray Matter, we will be having our very first STELA-Earth. It is a pageant focused on promoting the conservation of our Mother Earth.

So hopefully, all our plans for this semester will be successful. We also hope the students will be able to coordinate with us and appreciate all that we have done. We hope that rather than focusing on the negatives, they will also be able to appreciate the fruits of our labor.




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