A Better Society and a Greener Tomorrow


From the beginning until the end they want to show that they can also compete for the best, a show of the undying dream which is fueled by their passion to preserve the environment. As they raise the flag of the Political Science Academic Society.

In an interview with STELLARIS they shared their thoughts and their own perspective for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

When the org president was asked the question: What made you decide to join the pageant?

Mr. Vwxyz Dascil answered that first it was required for them to join the even and secondly they saw that they want to engage themselves on advocacies concerning the environment and for them this pageant is an avenue for them to do show and join the advocacies to save the environment.

When Mr. Dascil was asked again another question with the question being: What is your personal advocacy for the pageant?

Mr. Dascil answered that through this he can actually raise awareness that could also inspire others to join and fight for their own advocacies.

When the designer was asked the question: What was the idea behind the design of the attires?

Mr. Jose Emmanuel Floresca said that the advocacy of the org is focused on black sand mining. So the color, feature, and concept were taken from their own advocacy of black sand mining.

When the candidates were asked the question: How do you feel now that you will be part of the pageant?

Mr. Cyr Cunanan said that like most people he was nervous and overwhelmed. Ms. Kristine Emengga answered that she felt somewhat excited and nervous because the students of STELA will watch. She also said that they were given the chance to give hope and encouragement to join the advocacies that will be presented in the pageant.

When all of them were asked the question: What is your personal vision about the theme and how will you implement the said vision?

Mr. Dascil said that for him the theme is a very good theme for political science to exploit because climate is always being discussed and it is also a good way to gain exposure as well as a stepping stone for people to establish a clearer vision. Ms. Emengga said that for her that everything starts within our self and we hold the key for our future. Mr. Floresca said that climate change is a political issue because not all nations agree on the same ideals but it should also be our own goal and for us to be more literate and to use more space to use and protect our own resources. Lastly Mr. Cunanan said that for him climate literacy is a good way for us to know what is currently happening to our environment and that it will be successful if the change will come from us.

Lastly when all were asked the question: How do you see STELA after the event?

“A more environmental and climate change aware STELA” – Mr. Jose Emmanuel Floresca

“A better place for you and me” – from “Heal the world by Michael Jackson” as said by Mr. Cyr Cunanan

“It gives passion to the students to love and nurture the environment” – Ms. Kristine Emengga

As Mr. Dascil answered that STELA will always be STELA but it’s up to the SSC officers like our current SSC Governor, Noel Fermin to have the initiative to make a better STELA and to establish links to make STELA learn how to preserve knowledge and how to act out on it.

With their goal and their head held high they look to change our perspective and to lead the charge for a better and greener future. Again for Political Science Academic Society and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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