A Green Childhood


An amalgamation of personal ideals with ideas brought to life and brimming with that undying passion to lead the next generation the MUYANG Club with their interview for Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

In an interview with STELLARIS the org president, candidates, and designers shared theirs ideas, vision and goals.

When asked the org president Kana Perdigon was asked the question of what made them decide to join the pageant.?

According to Ms. Perdigon, that it is their way to show their care for the environment.

And when she was asked again for her advocacy for the pageant she said that she is a pro to organic farming since she came from a family of farmers, and according to her it could help to lessen the damaged that harmful pesticides can do.

When the designers were asked what was the idea for the design of the attire?

Ms. Faith Cruz said that the idea was derived from indigenous people which she is also a part for and because she felt like indigenous people feel closer to the environment. In addition indigenous people are nature people because they give importance to the environment they live in, and they give importance to the environment because this is the place where we live in and other living things live in.

When the candidates were asked the question how do you feel now that you are part of the pageant?

The candidate for Ms. STELA Earth: Ms. Gee Leslie Aslor answered with being a part of something is feeling the sense of belongingness that you are useful on such that you can do something. There is also a mix of emotions from being nervous to being overwhelmed. But for her win or lose no matter what she knows that her friends, family, and club members won’t leave her.

While the candidate for Mr. STELA Earth: Mr. Salim Alabdli answered that he was at first hesitant knowing that he’ll represent the organization but he also felt happy because he gets to represent the club and for him this is a way for others to know that MUYANG does exist and to bringing closure for each and every clubs and organizations under STELA.

When everyone was asked the question: what is your vision about the theme and how would you implement the said vision.

According to Ms. Perdigon: “I envision that my way of teaching I would be incorporating uh lessons that would encourage little ones and to help them be aware of what is happening to our world right now especially when it comes to climate change and the like.”

Ms. Cruz stated that: “. So yung vision ko po kasi is that yung pinaka diba climate and environmental literacy.” In addition she said that the spreading of information is also needed for us to know and to lessen our damage that we are causing. The implementation needs to start with us, in all of us for us to show as a model for a brighter future.

Ms. Aslor said that: her vision is to bring awareness to everyone about what is happening in our environment not just to bring awareness but to promote care. She also said that awareness is nothing without action and without care.

Lastly Mr. Alabdli said that: “So yung saakin naman syempre what better way to educate people diba kung yung you can educate through yung pagbatabata pa sila. So sa Pre-School, so syempre kapag sa Pre-School diba they have innocent minds pa, so, you can mold the child or build them ay mold the child, build them or break them. So for me, I like to build them or mold them into something na very environmentally conscious.”

When asked about how they see STELA after the event, there will be awareness, with knowledge with recycling and they were also confident when they said that the bond of TE and LA will be closer after the event.

“Unity makes strength diba? That’s STELA.” – Ms. Faith Bestfriend Cruz

From childhood until now we should already be taught with what’s good and bad. From the minds of the innocent child to the complicated and jumbled minds of students we should never forget that the green child is still within us. For the Organizations and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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