A Language for A Greener Tomorrow


With a cheery and happy demeanor the English Club showed what they are made off. With smiles and cheers they are an example of a group of friends close enough to be called a family.

In an interview with STELLARIS the English Club gave their opinions, vision, and goals for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

When the org president Ms. Marielle May Wong was asked the question: What made you decide to join the pageant?

She answered that for her to develop and practice the core values of SLU that for them to change or help raise awareness for the environment.

When Ms. Wong was asked the question: What is her advocacy for the pageant?

She answered that their advocacy was to use plastic bottles to create plastic chairs that can help the environment instead of cutting trees and to maintain our environment also.

When the designers Mr. Jereco De Vera and Ms. Jherlaine Ngolab were asked the question: What was the idea behind the attires?

They answered that their theme is climate change and they created a dress where you can see change and incorporated materials such as plastic, papers and other materials that can be recycled so that the idea of conservation is spoken through. They are also aiming for the design to the meaning is already can be seen just by looking at the attires.

When the candidates were asked the question: How do they feel now that they will be a part of the said pageant?

Ms. Mary Rose Dalmen, the candidate for Ms. STELA Earth answered that she felt lucky to represent the English club and the confidence to answer every question, present the attires, and to show change. Mr. Sadiri Ulep, the candidate for Mr. STELA Earth answered that he felt that the event being exclusive he felt the sense of extravagance and he felt happy and excited to represent their club and to relay the message of the pageant.

When everyone was asked the question: What is your vision about the theme and how will you implement the said vision?

Ms. Wong answered that she wants to make a change not just in our school but also to everywhere because it concerns us all. The designer answered that the vision is to create awareness that the environment is already changing and they aim to relay the message through the attires. Ms. Dalmen answered that the initiative to pick up our trash and to spread information to everyone about the change. Mr. Ulep answered that for him the theme is very powerful and it is a need for us to be aware even to the little things around us, he also coined a quotation “What you put out into the universe is what we receive back from it”

                Lastly when everyone was asked the question: How do you see STELA after the event?

Mr. Ulep answered that for him he sees STELA with more unity, with more opportunities to come, and more talents to be enriched. Ms. Dalmen answered that for her she see STELA as a united school, with clubs, and every person to be sharing and to have a sense of being one. Ms. Wong answered that they are looking forward for a change and that to continue to work for the environment to be clean. Lastly the designers said that for them they see STELA as a family after the pageant and that the students to work hand in hand with the officers with less discrimination even whatever course you are taking.

Their own determination brought them to where they are now and for them to show who they can really be, not just as students but also as environmental advocates. Again for the English Club and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!



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