A Special Approach for a Brilliant Cause


In an amalgamation of thoughts, the SPED Club shared their insights and their goal for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

In an interview with STELLARIS, they gave their comments about the environment, their insight with the issue of climate change with an emphasis on environmental literacy.

The first question was directed to the Org president, Ms. Athena Grace S. Espino which was: What made you decide to join the pageant?

Ms. Espino said that they wanted to continue the legacy of the club because they joined the previous Mr. and Ms. Kalikhasan and that for them they would like to be active to join the campaign for environmental awareness.

The second question was again addressed to Ms. Espino which was: What is your personal advocacy for the pageant?

Ms. Espino said that personally she didn’t have a specific advocacy for the pageant however the advocacy came from the entire club for them to have a unified goal for the pageant.

The third question was addressed to the designer: What was the idea behind the design of the attires?

According to the designer the idea for both of the attires was derived from the advocacy of the organization which is water awareness.

The fourth question was addressed to the candidates, Ms. Althea Christine Schmidt and Mr. George Beldad which was: How do you feel now that you will be part of the pageant?

For Mr. Beldad he answered that he was very nervous because it was his first time with the reason being there were only a few male members of the club and that they still chose him to represent the organization. For Ms. Schmidt answered that she also felt nervous because she is representing their club but in a nutshell both feel nervous but also excited for the pageant.

The fifth question was addressed to all which was: What is your personal vision about the theme and how would you implement the said vision?

They decided that their advocacy said that their vision is in line with the theme itself which is environmental literacy and for them that they can help through her course which is multigenerational education towards water awareness. Ms. Schmidt added that they chose water awareness as their advocacy because it is rampant in Baguio City and she also emphasized on the shortage of potable water not in general “water” as we know it and for them it is vital for us to know what is happening around us.

The sixth and last question was addressed to all again with the question being: How do you see STELA after the event?

Ms. Espino answered that because of the collaborative nature of the event it is a vital event and a big stepping stone for the unity as STELA. Ms. Schmidt answered she can see STELA with a broken down barrier and to be open with one another. Mr. Beldad said that he sees that STELA will be more fun and connected with each other. Lastly their designer answered that there will be a more visible unity between Humanities and Teacher Education and she also had the same dream as Mr. Beldad who said that it will be more fun.

A fun and a very lively group of individuals with dreams as endless as the horizon and with motivation as deep as the abyss, this is SPED Club. Their wits and their undying advocacies may pave the way for the tomorrow not just for our generation but also to the succeeding generations. Again for the SPED Club and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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