A Way of Communication for a Better and Greener Tomorrow


As they continue to raise the bar even higher for their fellow Mass Communication majors they are here with their ideals and advocacies in mind, as the Mass Communication Society march to the start where their advocacies can turn into reality.

In an interview with STELLARIS the org president, candidates, and designers shared theirs ideas, vision and goals.

When the org president was asked the question: What is the goal of the org in joining the pageant?

Mr. Christian Bayasen answered that the goal of the org is to enable its members to showcase their talents and their advocacies to others.

When all were asked the question: From your own perspective how will the pageant shape the perspective of our fellow STELA students?

Ms. Yna said that is serves as a platform for their advocacies and a way to disseminate information about environmental issues. Mr. Bayasen said that the pageant itself serves as a medium to communicate a message about protecting the environment. The designer answered that for him it enables the sustainability of materials, not only the ones used in the pageant but also to motivate people to use recycled materials. For Mr. Jhero it starts with the students finding bottles to get a ticket to watch the pageant so that they will be knowledgeable about recycling also.

When the org president was asked the question: What was the advocacy of the org for joining the pageant?

Mr. Bayasen answered that for them is to encourage people to encourage doing the little things to serve the environment.  For then to have change it doesn’t need to be a grand and a big action but rather a small action for example to pick up trash because if everyone did that it would have a bigger and better effect than anything.

When the candidates were asked the question: As part of the pageant how do you feel knowing that you’ll represent the organization?

Mr. Jhero answered that he felt a ton of pressure because he will be representing MCS but for him it is also a way to voice out their advocacies. Ms. Yna answered that she felt excited and pressured at the same time to be representing every mass communication student. But for whatever she can showcase may it be her beauty, talent means that she’ll also showcase every talent and beauty of every mass communication student.

When the designer was asked the question: What was the idea behind the design of the attires of the candidates?

Mr. Renzer Cacananta answered that the inspiration behind the attires are not only elegance but making use of materials that are sustainable and at the same time feasible to use, that it is functional also.

When all were asked the question: In your own perspective how do you see your personal vision come to life?

Ms. Yna answered that because of her love of landscape photography she has been in love with environment for a long time and with the pageant she is hopeful that what she can learn she can also take it outside to also spread the information. Mr. Bayasen answered that his personal vision comes to life when he sees people doing the little things. Mr. Renzer Cacananta, their designer said that for him it is his first time to use a different medium and he would see his vision come to life with his ability to create something out of nothing. Lastly Mr. Jhero said that their advocacy as a candidate is karapatan, ingatan, hubugin para sa inang kalikasan. For him cooperation and unity is a key factor for STELA students to voice our their advocacy to make a better place for us also.

“You don’t need to do great, complicated things to make a difference” – Mr. Christian Bayasen

When all were asked the question: From your own perspective do you think that what STELA is doing is making us a competitive school?

Their answers were a unanimous yes. For them we all have our own talents that we can showcase and the pageant serves as an avenue for student to share their creativity, passion and talents because it reaches to the students directly. It also creates a much creative and competitive environment for our own students to be better.

The last question was addressed to all again with the question: How do you see STELA after the pageant?

For Ms. Yna she said that they will think STELA people are not only beautiful and intelligent but we also have the heart of the people and the environment. Mr. Renzer Cacananta said that STELA is a house for winners. Mr. Jhero answered that STELA will surely shine. And lastly Mr. Bayasen said that STELA will develop their competence, creativity, and their involvement with society but also their unity.

As their messages reach our ears and their voices echoes towards the distance, the Mass Communications Society stands tall for they have their confidence and with their courage they believe that they can create change. Again for the Mass Communication Society and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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