Hymn of the Filipino People for a Better Tomorrow


With their opinion, knowledge, and understanding comes their own vision and goal for the world. The organization Diwa Ng Kabataan shared their insights and their drive for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

In an interview with STELLARIS they shared their own comments about the environment and their own insight with the issue of climate change with an emphasis on environmental literacy.

When the org president Mr. Teofilo Unabia was asked the question: What made them decide to join the pageant?

He answered that the reason why they decided to join the pageant was firstly as the president of the organization they decided to join the pageant with the reason being to encourage the youth to join for them to have an earlier appreciation for the preservation of mother earth.

When Mr. Unabia was again asked with another question: What is his advocacy for the pageant?

He answered that his advocacy revolves with 3 goals: to be a model, discipline, and leadership. Being a model for us to have an impact to the environment, discipline so that we will know how to behave during times and to have the initiative to recycle, and lastly leadership in a sense that everything should start within us and to not wait for someone to make us move but rather for us to move on our own to build a better future.

When the designers Ms. Sheene Ramos and Ms. Abigail De Guzman were asked the question: What was the idea behind the design of the attires?

They answered that the idea came from their own understanding of the theme and for them it as about a guardian. The attires focused around the idea of being a guardian for the earth, to fight for preservation of the environment.

When the candidates Mr. Jeck Galito and Ms. Johaira Abba were asked the question: How do they feel now that they are part of the pageant?

Mr. Galito answered that for him it’s a dream come true and that he is very happy that his dream came true and that his goal is to help others and to spread the advocacy for environmental literacy. While Ms. Abba answered that for her she felt nervous and pressured because from the members of the organization she was chosen to represent the organization, in addition she felt their trust and with it she felt more confident to fight not just for her organization but also for the goal of spreading the essence of environmental literacy.

When all of them were asked the question: What is your vision and how will you implement said vision?

Mr. Galito answered that for him it’s for the environment, discipline and its cleanliness with being the focus on being a leader. Ms. Abba said that it should start within us and to have the love for the environment. The designers said that we should focus on conservation to cut the use of plastic products and to recycle. Lastly Mr. Unabia said that discipline, love for the environment, conservation, and unity is the key to have a better tomorrow.

“Maaring yung mga halaman wala silang puso pero tulad natin may buhay din sila na dapat pangahalagaan” – Ms. Johaira Abba

“Naniniwala ako na hindi magiging epektibong panlinis ang isang walis tingting kung nagiisa lamang ito” – Mr. Teofilo Unabia

“Ang disiplina ay ginagawa sahalip na winiwika” – Mr. Teofilo Unabia

Lastly when all were asked the question: How do they see STELA after the event?

Mr. Unabia answered that for him that STELA is already successful in giving information regarding the spread of information with unity and cooperation between organizations and students as a model for an outstanding leader. For the designers they said that the pageant is a big instrument as a vessel for collaborative work and to spread information and for unity. For the candidates it’s for the broadening of knowledge the students and the friendship that will form with the students.

As their patriotism shows with their motivation to make the world a better place, no matter even if they experience challenges they still have smiles on their faces; that is what a true Filipino is all about. Again for Diwa Ng Kabataan and STELA. ARANGKADA STELA!



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