Music and Arts from the Center of the Earth

Full of united ideas, vision, and goals from people, that’s what they want to speak about. From the beginning until the end they want to show that they can also compete for the best.

In an interview with STELLARIS, MAPEH Society shares their insight for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

When the Org president Ms. Chewaley Agcapen was asked the question what made you decide to join the pageant?

She said that it’s for the exposure for the students and to mingle with other clubs and with the designs of the costumes that they can enhance the talents of the students.

When asked again what the advocacy for the pageant was, she answered that is a way to enhance the talents of the students of MAPEH and for them to help with all they can to promote a good environment that is conductive for learning. In addition Ms. Agcapen answered that for her joining the pageant can help them think and do new ways to help our environment.

The designers were asked the question, what was the idea behind the design of the attires.

They answered that as teachers they want to show their own identity and creativity and to show the culture and Identity of the Filipinos. As MAPEH they also want to show their identity through the costume and with comfort and confidence.

The candidates were asked how they felt that they will be part of the pageant.

The candidate for Ms. STELA Earth said that she feels honored because it is a once in a lifetime experience and for her enhancement that she could use in the future. She also said that she feels happy to represent the nature not only for herself and her club but for everyone else.

The candidate for Mr. STELA Earth said that it is a way for him to build his self-confidence, with excitement and to show that even a shy person like him to represent the org for the pageant.

When they were asked what was their vision of the theme and how will they implement it. They unanimously responded that they want to spread the initiative to follow the rules and to know how to segregate and to apply it as well to other places not just in our school and homes but to help as teachers through teaching. They also added that the gap between STE and LA is almost gone and even we differ in courses we can all stand up for our environment as leaders and to lead for a better future not just to us but to our own mother earth also. Lastly they said as a group that they would like us to put our hands together to fight against environmental problems and to be engaged as well in any activities that can help in the betterment of our environment and that they want to serve as a way to spread environmental awareness not just to STELA but to all the schools of SLU.

Lastly they were asked how they will see STELA after the pageant. They said that they hope that we will all be united with one vision and mission and for the gap to close. A stronger bond with no feelings of being different and whether win or lose that the winner may join the two schools together. Stronger bond and greater comrodery with a strong relationship with both schools is their own dream for the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts.

Their voices filled with joy, and with their hearts fueled with the drive to win that is the MAPEH Society for you. Again for the MAPEH Society and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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