20170419_185040Last April 29, 2017, the KASAMA SSC-STELA Assembly held a spoken word poetry competition with the theme, “Alapaap: Pakawalan Ang Hiyaw Ng Nakaraan” as part of the month-long STELA Festival activity at P700, from 6’oclock till 9 o’clock in the evening.

The said presentation was commenced by an opening prayer led by the STELA Repertory, followed by the National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang” conducted by Mr. Vel Christian L. Castillo. The program was hosted by Mr. Randall Joshua V. Noriega alongside Ms. Kathleen C. Gayaman.

The competition consisted of 14 participants who showcased their talents in spoken word poetry, each representing various school organizations of STELA, namely Muyang, Stellaris, SPED Club, POSAS, Mass Comm Society, LLSS, MAPEH Club, Repertory, SSS, English Club, Prime Movers, ELMS, Math Club and NEOLOPHIS.

The said event had 5 judges: Ms. Clairice “Cloud” Tolentino, Ms. Deanne Louise Abu-Abu, Mr. England Danne Castro, Ms. Lorelie Gonzales, and Ms. Pryce Quintos. They utilized the following criteria: Content, Imagery, Attitude and Persona-25, Voice- 20, Enunciation- 20, Facial Expression- 20, Audience- 10 and Memorization-5, with a total score of 100 points.

The activity’s champion was Mr. George Beldad from SPED CLUB. He garnered a total average of 90%, while Ms. Andrea Abille from POSAS came as the 1st runner-up and Mr. Darrel Joshua Chan who represented the Mass Comm Society was awarded 2nd runner-up.

During the event, viewers were given the chance to share their own “Hugot lines” by sending it via text message. The said lines were then broadcasted and made visible to the audience orally.


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