The Rule for the Environment


Relating their knowledge on the current issues, they shared their own opinions, vision and goals as part of the Louisian Legal Studies Society. In an interview with STELLARIS they shared their thoughts and their own perspective for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

When they were asked the question: What makes the pageant worth fighting for?

Their answer is that this pageant is not one of a cliché but rather a unique undertaking highlighting environmental concern. In addition, the project also serves as a channel to foster the creativity of students.

When the Org president Mr. Joe Arc Tongdo was asked the question: What is the advocacy of the organization?

He directed the question to the candidates. Ms. Jury Ann De Leon, the candidate for Ms. STELA Earth answered the advocacy of the organization highlights EDUCATION. To educate on how we can solve the pressing environmental concerns of today and to seek and research knowledge on how one can become more of an advocate for the environment. Mr. Prudencio Ruiz Agacita, the candidate for Mr. STELA Earth added that measures should be made to strengthen the laws which provide a basis for and promote environmental protection for the benefit of the next generation. Also, he stated that youth should not be an excuse to prove that we can unite to make better things.

When the designer was asked the question: What was the idea behind the design of the attires?

He answered that the theme was bolder, fiercer, daring with elegance. The theme aims to showcase their confidence of being who they are.

When everyone was asked the question: How do they feel that the pageant is already fast approaching?

While they can’t help the nerves as this will be their first time to involve in this kind of event, they are also simultaneously excited and confident as their candidates are a real-life couple. Their company will very much help them project and express their selves more without fear.

When the candidates were asked the question: What qualities makes you unique from other participants?

Ms. Jury Ann De Leon quoted Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach saying she is confidently beautiful with a heart, and that for her it is her confidence as confidence roots from standing your ground and targeting to leave a legacy. Mr. Prudencio Ruiz Agacita answered that his desire to succeed, his drive to be the best, and the capability of showing these, are the ones that separate him from the rest.

Their org president concluded with his words: I am confident. These (candidates and designers) belong at the top their class, surely they can do this. I – we are just here whenever you need anything. Good Luck.

With a heart of gold and a spirit that burns brighter than the sun. With passion comes the will to show that you can be the best and from that show everyone that you are the best. Again for the Louisian Legal Studies Society and for STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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