The Written History for a Brighter Tomorrow


An amalgamation of ideas and goals for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow, with hope and faith in their hearts they want to show that history won’t repeat itself this time as the Social Studies Society give their insights, vision, and goal for Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

In an interview with STELLARIS the org president, candidates and designers give their opinions all about the current situation of our environment.

When the org president was asked the question, what made you decide to join the pageant; he said that he wanted to join the pageant because he saw it as an opportunity to gain more knowledge and to help with their current knowledge and skill to help for the environment.

When he was asked what was his advocacy he said that as future leaders and teachers he saw that the litters were a big problem and that we should be taught in the classroom. In addition he said that these small litters can have a big change to the environment.

When the designers was asked the question about the idea of the design for the attires they said that the idea came from classroom management and all the litters inside the classroom will be made into an attire. The attires were the traditional barong tagalog and filipiniana.

When the candidates were asked the question how do they feel that they will be part of the pageant?

The candidate for Ms. STELA Earth said that she was nervous because for her it was all in the matter of projection with focus on execution on how she can spark change. The candidate for Mr. STELA Earth said that it is a tall responsibility because you need to be a role model but he said that the pageant serves as an avenue for reflection for the help of mother earth.

When everyone was asked about their own vision about the theme and how would they implement it.

The org president said that we should be able to focus and be literate for us to give solutions to the present problems and to specify the issue to be able to give specific actions to stop it. The designers said it all starts with discipline and that it should always start with our self. In addition the initiative to pick up litters even if it’s not ours we should still is responsible enough to pick it up to help our environment. The candidates specified that their vision is through the CAP: The Cognitive, Affective and Psychomotor that the cognitive is all about our literacy and the causes of the problem, Psychomotor as the actions to be done and how will we use our capabilities, and affective being the reflection that can bring change and to influence others to join the environmental fight.

“Para sa akin there are three elements: Knowledge, Discipline, and responsibility” – Ms. Maria Jalena Ilao, Ms. STELA Earth Candidate

“Louisian is not just a title but it is also an identity” – Mr. Joseph Calle, Mr. STELA Earth Candidate

Lastly when asked how do they see STELA after the Pageant.

They said that they hope that it will for the best and stellanians to know how to segregate and to have the initiative to spark a change. With a broader knowledge and awareness and that the students will have discipline that’ll have a ripple effect not just to STELA but also to other schools. In addition the lack of trash bins should be an eye opener of us and to the administration for better response for the students.

“It will influence not only the student of STELA but also the students of other schools to be more active in participating in environmental actions or advocacies to help our environment” – Ms. Maria Jalena Ilao, Ms. STELA Earth Candidate

 “Discipline falls into everything” – Mr. Joseph Calle, Ms. STELA Earth Candidate

With the support of Dr. Bryan V. Catama, the Social Studies Society Adviser and with their grit and drive to change, to start small until the change reverberates through everyone for a better tomorrow, that is the advocacy of the Social Studies Society. Again for the Social Studies Society and STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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