Thoughts for a Greener Tomorrow


With a compilation of ideas from the org president, candidates and designer for Psyche Society they shared their opinions and feelings for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth.

With an interview with STELLARIS they brought light and their own opinion to the matter of climate and environmental literacy.

When asked the candidates the question what makes this pageant worth fighting for?

They responded that it’s worth it and for them it’s timely with the issues of mining and other environmental issues. With their concept being that their attires would be made from recycled materials for them it makes it more worth the hardship.

When asked the org president the question what is the advocacy of the organization?

She said that the advocacy focuses on what they can do as a student and their way of solving the problem.

When the designer was asked the question about the idea of the attires he answer that it’s not all about the design but its more about the tradition and how would you take care of nature and how you take care of yourself. The style of the attires was based on the reflections of cities. They were also thinking of something “boom” for the pageant.

When asked how did they feel that they are all here. They answered that they were excited, not just because of their hardships but also with their confidence. The candidates said that at first they were hesitant and pressured but in the end they agreed and with support they felt more confident.

When the candidates were asked what made them different from others. They said that their comradery is their advantage and their willingness as psychology majors to interact with the surroundings.

With their final message as a first time to join a pageant but they still trust each other with confidence and support that will never be matched.

They would really scream the message of unity among themselves even if they are new to the scene not as individuals but as a whole organization. Again for Psyche Society and for STELA, ARANGKADA STELA!


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