What goes on behind the scenes in the Kasama-SSC office? Read the rest of our interview with Governor Fermin and Vice Governor Assunta.

How did you come up with your set of plans for this semester?

Gov. Fermin: When Ate Shaira resigned as governor, it was my decision to assign Ms. Assunta as my Vice Governor as she has been my partner ever since our beginnings in the Kasama-SSC. We were able to harmonize well when we were elected 2nd Year Mayor and Vice Mayor for the School of Humanities last year. When we planned for this semester, we just conversed first on Facebook then continued on and finalized things when we met again during the start of classes last January.

The best thing about our projects for this semester is that they really are for students. It is not just for the benefit of the Assembly, but it is for the whole student body. As Ms. Assunta said, we have the results of the first phase of Kapihan Sa STELA. So we based our projects on what students requested. We also planned our other projects on what we promised during the campaign.

Vice Gov. Assunta: Since we had the Kapihan Sa STELA activity last semester, we strategized and gained insights on how we could cater to the needs of students. Even before we were elected, we already had our own plans—some were recognized and implemented, while others were shared with the Assembly for further improvement.

Out of all the activities you planned out, how many were fully accomplished?

Gov. Fermin: So far, none of our projects have gone unaccomplished. We also based everything on our Project Track or timeline so that if we need to catch up with time or if there are activities not started yet, we’ll be able to do them as soon as we can. So far, none of our projects have been denied or disapproved by the administration. At the same time, well of course, all of our projects have been approved.

I would also like to add that though SLU proposed the two-week rule for processing papers, we at the STELA Assembly follow our own one month rule for paperwork. At least through this system of ours, we will be able to secure funding as early as possible and avoid rushing. By assigning work as early as possible, there will be little to no pointing of fingers. No one will run around haphazardly rushing papers, and we will be able to work more efficiently and do things right on time.

Vice Gov. Assunta: As for me, all our projects have been well implemented because the way I see it, even if only one person were to attend one of our events, it would be considered a success. I also feel that all our projects have been successful, and also feel that we’ve really worked hard since, as Noel said, we should make sure that the paperwork goes smoothly.


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