The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts rejoiced after the success of its very first “STELA Earth 2017”, organized by Gray Matter in partnership with the KASAMA SSC STELA-Assembly.

Mark Jheroben Buada and Jury Ann De Leon were crowned “Mr. And Ms. STELA Earth 2017” last April 21 at the Prince Bernard Gym. Buada represented the Mass Communication Society, while De Leon brought home the crown for the Louisian Legal Studies Society. She was also crowned, “Ms. Eco Warrior”.

Meanwhile, Prudencio Ruiz Agacita from the Louisian Legal Studies Society, and Yna Bacalanmo from the Mass Communications Society, were awarded as Mr. and Ms. Water. Agacita was also crowned, “Mr. Eco Warrior”. Jeck Galito and Johaira Abba from Diwa ng Kabataan were crowned Mr. and Ms. Air, while Carwin Olivas from the Prime Movers Society and Althea Schmidt from the SPED Club were crowned as Mr. and Ms. Fire. They were also recognized as Mr. and Ms. Facebook.

The night did not end there. The competition also awarded the participants that had the Best Eco-Dress. First place was awarded to Salim Alabdali from Muyang and Althea Schmidt, while second place was awarded to Marco Cirineo of Psyche Society and Jovelyn Bon-As of the Prime Movers Society.

The other special awards given included the Best Eco-video, which was awarded to the organization of Diwa ng Kabataan. Mr. and Ms. Photogenic was also awarded to Jeck Galito and Jovelyn Bon-As, while Mr. and Ms. Congeniality were awarded to Mico Morris of the MAPEH Society and Mary Rose Dalmen of the English Club.

The pageant was judged by Mr. Joel Caranay, Jr.—President of the Ecolodians of SLU, Mr. Alvir Ancheta Aggang—President of the Biology Club of the School of Natural Sciences, Mr. Oscar Marquez—President of Air and Waste Management Association of SEA, Mr. Allen Paul Sambrano—the former Mr. Intramurals 2016-2017, Mr. Christian San Pedro—the Secretary for Transparency of the Kasama-SSC, Mr. Jeremy Rimando—President of the Kasama-SSC, Dr. Evelyn Oda—Dean of the School of Natural Sciences, Ms. Majal Rani Espiritu—a member of LEMAC and the speaker for the event, and Mr. Wilfred Bambico, PhD—the advisor of Gray Matter.

“Mr. and Ms. STELA Earth” is an Eco-dress competition and a personality search for STELA students to promote a clean environment in the community, with the theme “Climate and Environmental Literacy”. The event aims to educate students on the importance of raising awareness on the present state of the environment. Ms. Espiritu also gave a short lecture during the event entitled, “The Role of Students on Environmental Conservation”—where she focused on the need to be more educated on the importance and fragility of the environment.


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