20170617_15102520170617_15174520170617_153658The School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts sponsored the Fifth Novena Mass of St. Aloysius Gonzaga last Saturday, June 17, at the St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish.

Fr. Jaime Doctolero presided over the Mass and spoke about the importance of integrity through one’s actions. Mrs. Emma Sanchez did the first reading while Mrs. Jocelyn Amadeo presided over the Responsorial Psalm. Dr. Marie Marquez also presided over the Prayers of the Faithful, while Dr. Marilyn Balmeo served as the mass commentator.

The presidents of the organizations of STELA provided consumable goods which served as offerings for the mass. The STELA SSC Governor and Vice Governor, Darwin Pastor and Joey Lartec, also provided the candles for the mass. Finally, Dr. Teresita Ignacio and Dr. Shirley Ayao-Ao provided the mass’ bread and wine.

Ms. Wendy Eustaquio, the STELA Parish Representative, explained that “The mass is a meal sustaining the students spiritually. It’s also a way of formation through the readings and the homily. Thus, they should be formed through that.”

Various students of STELA attended the mass in great numbers. According to Ms. Eustaquio, this was a result of proper coordination with the school administration of STELA. She stated that “With the proper coordination, there was also proper channeling of information to the teachers concerned, resulting in proper participation as there were classes asked to be brought to the church.”



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