Lessons From Litmus


The night of July 5, 2017, was dramatic yet fun due to the efforts of the STELA Supreme Student Council, and of course by those who voluntarily joined the third spoken poetry night of STELA, “Litmus Night: Agos”. Among those brave hearts who confidently stood on stage to share their personally made pieces filled with “hugots” and thoughts about life and love were Joana Angela Flores, Juan Carlo Soliman, Johanne Diaz, Kristal Reyes, Mark Joseph Zamora, Sadiri Ulep, JD Roxas, George Beldad, Christian Apostol, Erika Rico, Dobian Castro, and Camilla Woolf.

The evening was not just limited to heartfelt speech since STELA is really rich with students blessed with so many talents. There was also another set of students who willingly went up on stage to sing their hearts out. The duet performers, Eloine Mongsat and Krizza Felipe, as well as Joe Valdez and Crismar Moya, went on stage to perform songs reflective of the struggles of life and love.

These people stood there not just for themselves, but also for those who had the same experiences, especially those who didn’t have the courage to speak out. Their words were delivered with a heartbroken tone that sent shivers down the audience’s spines and possessed them with a sense of deep empathy. Though not everyone in the audience might have experienced the same emotions conveyed on stage, the performers did help everyone realize anyone can be susceptible to pain, regardless of their differing situations and experiences.

College life isn’t all fun and games. It often comes with pain, including that of love and heartbreak. Though rejection from one’s beloved can foment thoughts of giving up and lessen strength, motivation, and confidence, many still decide to see it as another challenge of life. Some who possess the failure of unreciprocated feelings build themselves up and persevere to fulfill their goals.

Through ecstatic laughter, thunderous cheers, and uproars from the crowd, we can all say that this is our life: our passion and will to live. We’re smitten by our own actions, disappointed with the results, and filled with regret towards things we want to do. We are still young. Full of reckless abandon and decisions we are yet to make. As Mae West once said, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” And it doesn’t get better than that.



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