Spectrum of Gold


Some would say that things get better with age. Others, meanwhile, may also argue that age makes life more memorable. Both these reflections were exemplified in the celebration of the Psychology Department of Saint Louis University. To be in a crowd filled with smiles, bursting with laughter, and brimming with life: This is what makes us proud Psychology Majors.

A mass to commemorate the achievement of the Psychology department along with their respective batches was indeed a sight to behold. From early in the morning until the evening, the day was filled with smiles and cheers.

The Program was held at Forest Lodge, packed with alumni coming from different parts of the country. Sir Andrew Macalma and Ma’am Mariah kicked off the program with their very energetic opening speech, talking about the legacy of the Psychology department and the people who have given it life.

Ma’am Espique, the Dean of the School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts (STELA) gave her regards to the Psychology Department. After that, SLU’s Father of Psychology, Fr. Evarist Verlinden, also extended his heartfelt message to the alumni and to the department. A few alumni of Psychology also talked about their experiences in the department.

After a small raffle draw, Ma’am Grazie Canave and Mr. Efren B. Alberto Jr. gave their speeches. Mr. Alberto also initiated a small activity for the people in attendance.

Fr. Gilbert Sales, the President of Saint Louis University also joined the event. Fr. Sales gave his regards to the Psychology department, delivering a very motivational and inspirational message to the alumni and to the undergraduates that were present during the event. Ma’am Tita Marzo delivered the last speech of the program and emphasized the importance of the alumni program as well as a better foresight for the future batches with the idea of competence towards the current demands of the corporate world.

After a few photo op sessions, the Psychology department’s undergraduates and alumni broke the ice by delivering their own version of Gold by Spandau Ballet. The joy and laughter that filled the event indeed proved that this celebration was meant to rekindle everyone’s memories and inspire hope in the new generation. From STELLARIS and in behalf of the psychology undergraduates; Happy 50th Anniversary, SLU PSYCHOLOGY!


BY: Jonas Angelo Catubay, Feature and Literary Editor of STELLARIS


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